bad hair days

here is a time lapse movie of some selfies i took on the last 245 days.


Stage 1

Stage 1 completed: 10500miles in 7,5month



Leaving sweet home Alabama and rolling into Florida after almost 8month and 10.000miles.



After 2 rainy days in Mississippi I am ready for some sun in Alabama



Thank you Louisiana and hello Mississippi



happy x-mess and a merry new year


storm warning

forced rest day: the morning looked still "bikeable" but now it is really raining hard with heavy winds.



Hasta luego Texas and bon jour Louisiana. It looks like i left the cold and dry air behind me and the warmer but more humid weather from the south takes over. 25mph winds, rain and possible storms, lead me to change my route and schedule. so i might have to take an unplanned rest day.



After 10 days on the roads since Las Cruces it is time for a rest day and time to do some research for the next part of the tour.



The windchill factor caused not only my beard to freeze. Most of the water i carry got frozen too. This needs to be considered when biking in west Texas in winter. There are sometimes 120km  between places and therefore good planing is required.

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